Martini Monday: Aviation Gin (Part 1)


The gin industry was buzzing when Ryan Reynolds bought into the shares of Aviation Gin earlier this year. This marriage made in heaven has helped breathe profound new life/meaning into the craft gin brand hailing from Portland, Oregon – a face lift if you will. Since then, Aviation gin sales and its cool factor have soared. Aviation continue to play their cards right by collaborating with Mrs Reynolds in her latest film to hit the theatres – A Simple Favour. To celebrate this exciting brand placement, Aviation Gin invited me to help host an intimate Martini Masterclass at Perth’s famous gin joint; The Flour Factory. This will be our Part 2!


The Flour Factory, Perth


As America’s first craft gin, Aviation has come a long way since its birth in 2005 by bartender Ryan Magarian and distiller Christian Krogstad. Ryan has famously came up with the term “New Western Dry Gin” to express the flavour profile – botanicals first, then juniper. This term did cause a stir back in the day. The known botanicals present in this American classic are caraway, cardamon, coriander, juniper, French lavender, Indian sasparilla and two kinds of orange peel. It is soft to the nose (sipping as we type!) and juniper takes a back seat in this expression allowing flavours of botanicals to shine. Tasted neat, it is rather floral and rich thanks to unconventional botanicals like lavender and its rye base neutral spirit. A great cocktail to represent this floral gin is of course its namesake cocktail; The Aviation which features creme de violette (violet flower liquer).

A dry martini on the other hand is my personal go-to. It focuses on the gin (mostly) with a dash of vermouth to taste. The more vermouth you choose to add the wetter the martini – it’s all about personal preference!

Aviation Gin


The martini is a drink a league of its own. It is a boozy tipple that exudes style and has withstood the test of time. Its simplicity and varying proportions has made it a drink to truly test any bartender’s skill. It is a drink no stranger to the silver screen; from James Bond having his shaken (always stirred – but more about this shortly) to Karen Walker from Will & Grace guzzling down a few in almost every episode.

The martini was recently stylised in A Simple Favour by Blake Lively’s character, Emily Nelson; a devilishly dapper PR Executive with a penchant for a stiff drink & questionable martini making skills. Together with Aviation Gin and the fine crew at The Flour Factory, I co-hosted a Martini Masterclass to dispel those martini rumours. Click here for Part 2 of Martini Monday!

Aviation Dry Martini


















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