• Hosted a Gin Social earlier this week to celebrate all things juniper, local & craft featuring @kuld_creamery’s ice cream of my dreams this month (Juniper Berry) & @thewestwindsgin 🍦🍸 | Also a friendly reminder to #licklocal and #drinklocal to survive toasty days like today ☀️
#ginanonymous #robelife #gin #kuldcreamery #westwindsgin
  • Put on my finest robe to stomp on juniper this weekend at @junipalooza 2018’s @neverneverdistillingco booth. Gin soaked & absolutely delighted! Stay tuned for the Juniper Stomp Gin 2018 😌✨
#ginanonymous #juniperstomp #junipalooza #gin #nevernevergin #juniperfreak #robelife
  • This Campari-esque blazer cost me a whole dollar so I stopped to smell the bottlebrushes to show how grateful I am 🙏🏾🌹
  • A crisp pre-movie @aviationgin martini - fitting (adult) way to end a week which started with Martini Monday at the @theflourfactory 🍸🍿
#ginanonymous #martini #gin #aviationgin
  • When the gin matches your robe life 🌸 | A floral & citrus start with a beautiful peppery finish 👌🏾
#rokugin #gin #ginanonymous #robelife
  • How much mint does one need to wear to feel mint again? 🤔🤧
  • Har gows & high rises with a dash of 3 day Tech summit with @therealestatetimes for REXY- Hong Kong, your dystopian aesthetic was something else. Thank you for the new knowledge & killer negronis - till next time 👋🏾🌆
#hongkong #rexy #catchingupwithlife
  • Cara cara orange & vermouth rosso feat. @deathsdoorspirits gin and all the spices - mulled perfection 🍊
#ginanonymous #mulledgin #winter #gin #vermouth #deathsdoorgin
  • 25.6.2018 | A decade older with the love of my life. Thank you for your love, patience and trust. More than anything else, thank you for being my comrade and best friend Prash Nayar 🖤
  • Plenty of metallic sci-fi reflection amongst the gin. London you have my heart 🖤
#leebul #london
  • Happy World Gin Day my fellow juniper lovers! Wow what a few days you have been London. The juniper juice has not stopped flowing! ✨
These are my beautiful new friends Verity, Prudence & Constance after an epic tour at @sipsmith! For those of you who don’t know, Sipsmith is easily (still) one of my favourite gins and quite possibly the gin that was responsible for the beginning of my personal gin journey
I am currently having the most delicious Hanky Panky at @thesavoylondon’s legendary American Bar. Pinching myself. Some of the best adventures happen when you pursue your passion fearlessly.
Here’s to more gin journeys & juniper tales. Hope you’re enjoying a glass or two this weekend! 🍸
#worldginday #sipsmith #distillery #gin #london #ginanonymous
  • Just genuinely happy to be back here
#robelife #london

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